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Check Out Check Out In Hotel

Along with check-in, check-out is a daily process in the hotel that the reception needs to do during their shift. Knowing how to make the reception work smoothly, quickly, save time.

Not only the reception or answering questions of customers, the Receptionist is also responsible for the check-in procedures, check-out takes place during his working time. Work seems simple, but if not done properly and full will bring more trouble for both customers and the hotel when the problem occurs. Therefore, the check-in process, check-out is the knowledge and professional expertise that any Receptionist must know clearly. Desiring to help the Receptionists better understand the process and complete the check-out process, ezCloudhotel will provide useful information in this article:

Front desk staff needs to know the check-out process in the hotel

Check-out process in the hotel
Step 1: Welcome customers when they come to check-out.

Step 2: Ask questions regarding the costs incurred during the guest’s stay.

Step 3: Enter the costs incurred in the system.

Step 4: Recheck all charges including fixed room rates and costs incurred. Confirm with the customer.

Step 5: Print the invoice for the customer again and confirm the payment method with the customer.

Step 6: Announcing exchange rates, applying the forms of converting money if customers use foreign currencies, note the form of payment on the invoice.

Step 7: Check the message to see if there are any items that need to be returned to the customer.

Step 8: Get back the room key and return the papers that the hotel previously kept for customers.

Step 9: Update the status of rooms that guests have used to ensure the property of the hotel is still good.

Step 10: Explore the satisfaction of the hotel service and customer service attitude, note and say goodbye.